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Welcome! My name is Tamika Barrow Owner and Founder of Everything Artsy. I’m a Professional Artist, Art Instructor, and Artist Designer. As an Artist in the Bay Area, I have been creating several styles of Art for over 20 years. My journey as an Artist started at a young age, when I was introduced to my first set of crayons. I was always fond of my Arts and Crafts classes in grade school and then decided to expand my knowledge and skill level in college as an Art major.

Once I received the fundamentals I branched off and began my own personal journey of exploring the Art World. I discovered more enjoyment in variety, by producing Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Arts & Crafts, Collaging, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, and Art Journaling. I also use a variety of mediums, such as:  Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, and Ink.  

I am a current member of the Tracy Art League and twice served on the TAL Board of Directors. I have online courses on Udemy.com, teach Art Workshops for individuals and classes, create commissioned pieces for private collectors, and sell my Artwork locally and online. I was also personally invited to become a VIDA Designer which has given me the opportunity to transform my Art into beautiful fashion products and apparel. In collaboration with shopVIDA.com a product from my VIDA collection was featured on the HSN Channel’s The List with Colleen Lopez.

Art is a wonderful avenue for me to utilize color in the most imaginative and creative ways.  I get a lot of satisfaction from creating things with my own hands. My personal experiences, environment, and natural surroundings provide the inspiration I need to create expressive, intuitive, and emotional Artwork.  Expressive Abstract Art is my number one passion. I am very fond of it because it grants me the most freedom for self-expression and no matter what I do in life, creating Art will always have a place in it.

I hope you enjoy Everything Artsy!